What lessons can we learn from Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana?


chalkboardThe full effects of marijuana legalization may take many years to discover but more than ONE year later, Colorado seems to be doing pretty well. Alarmists rang out warning of increased crime, accidents and other types of destruction. These warnings were clearly exaggerated.

Lesson #1: Crime Did NOT Increase

According to Colorado police reports, in Denver, the city with the most marijuana dispensaries, serious crimes fell.

It Brought Less Violence One study of couples found that: More frequent marijuana use by husbands and wives (two-to-three times per month or more often) predicted less frequent intimate partner violence (IPV) perpetration by husbands.

Lesson #2: People can learn to use Marijuana Responsibly


Lesson #3: We must Keep medications AWAY from Children.

The majority of people who use marijuana have learned to use it responsibly. There were a few cases of people who overindulged in edible products and had bad experiences. There were also a few cases of children who gained access to edibles and became very ill. Because of that, Colorado regulators set up a panel to create stricter regulations for marijuana edibles. There are ads (billboards) up to help teach people how to “start low and go slow”.  It reinforced our knowledge that we must Keep medications away from Children and highlighted the need for ongoing education.


Lesson #4: Some of the money from marijuana sales can be used for RESEARCH.

In spite of reported shortages of product and banking issues, Colorado made a fair amount of money. The Board of Health awarded more than Eight MILLION Dollars towards medical marijuana research to:

* Determine pain relieving properties for children with brain tumors.

* Compare pain relieving properties with oxycodone.

* Determine the impact on pediatric epileptic seizure disorders.

* Study the medical usefulness in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and irritable bowel syndrome

This is a special lesson because this will be the FIRST time that government money can be used to research the MEDICAL POTENTIAL of marijuana rather than the harmfulness.


Even with the best of planning—there is always room for improvement.

After one year of legalization, Colorado seems to have done a good job of ensuring safety for the general public and marijuana users. We can and will continue to learn a lot from them.