Travel Guru Rick Steves on Legalization

steves_01Travel guru Rick Steves has been a long time supporter of the legalization of marijuana, but he has recently started taking on a much larger role in helping to make legalization a reality.

You can learn more about Rick Steves’ views on drug policy here.

Steves has been doing a 10 city tour of Oregon in support of that state’s legalization initiative: Measure 91. Here are a few of the best quotes from one of his recent events (courtesy of Williamette Week magazine)

  • “A lot of Americans have this dream of a drug free society. There never has been a drug free society, there never will be a drug free society, and frankly I don’t want a drug free society.”
  • “I think fear is for people who don’t get out much. There’s a lot of fear wrapped up in this drug policy debate—fear of doing something different.”
  • “It’s fun to make Cheech and Chong jokes, but this is a very serious issue.”
  • “The best way to lose control of a dangerous substance is to make it illegal. The best way to gain control of it is to regulate it and educate people. I think we can do that with marijuana.”
  • On minority arrests and citations for marijuana-related crimes: “That’s the new Jim Crow.”
  • “States are incubators of change. State by state, we’re going to take down the prohibition of our age.”
  • “I’m a hardworking, churchgoing, kid raising, tax-paying, American citizen. If I want to go home, smoke a joint and look at the fireplace all night, that’s my civil liberty.”