Legalized cultivation and sales on Native American Lands

After the last election in which Oregon, Alaska and D.C. voters legalized marijuana, there has been much speculation about which state will be next. The answer to “Who will be next?” might be ANY state in which Native American Tribes own land.

Chalk farmland Hampshire

On December 11, 2014 the U.S. Justice Department issued a memorandum to U.S. attorneys requesting that they allow Native Americans to grow and sell cannabis on their own sovereign lands, even in states that don’t allow it.

One requirement is that they implement “robust and effective regulatory systems”.

They are also required to respect the eight priorities listed in the U.S. Justice Dept. memo outlining marijuana enforcement priorities (August 29, 2013). These are the priorities:

  1. Preventing the distribution of marijuana to minors;
  2. Preventing revenue from the sale of marijuana from going to criminal enterprises, gangs,and cartels;
  3. Preventing the diversion of marijuana from states where it is legal under state law in some form to other states;
  4. Preventing state-authorized marijuana activity from being used as a cover or pretext for the trafficking of other illegal drugs or other illegal activity;
  5. Preventing violence and the use of firearms in the cultivation and distribution of marijuana;
  6. Preventing drugged driving and the exacerbation of other adverse public health consequences associated with marijuana use;
  7. Preventing the growing of marijuana on public lands and the attendant public safety and environmental dangers posed by marijuana production on public lands; and
  8. Preventing marijuana possession or use on federal property.

Tribes will reserve the right to request that federal law is upheld, if they decide that they don’t want cannabis to be legal.

Of course, the benefits of complete legalization are many and hopefully they will take advantage of this opportunity to farm cannabis.

This may be the best opportunity to grow hemp.

This may be the best opportunity to produce quality medicinal marijuana.

And, this may be the best opportunity to cultivate high-grade strains of marijuana for recreational or ceremonial use.

The potential benefits of unimpeded cannabis cultivation and sales are many.

To see WHERE these native lands are located WATCH VIDEO here.