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Fresh Approach Hawaii is an independent, local hui of organizations and individuals dedicated to reforming Hawaiiʻs marijuana laws, by activism at the Hawaii State Legislature. Hawaiiʻs voters are ready for change, and we are here to:

  • Support seriously ill patientsʻ use of medical marijuana with their doctors’ recommendations. We advocate for improvements to Hawaiiʻs 12-year old medical marijuana program. Please also see our sister site, http://www.mcchi.org for details on the Medical Cannabis Coalition of Hawaii.
  • Work with the public and with our lawmakers to reduce the harm caused by marijuana prohibition including removing criminal and/or civil penalties.
Our mission is to reduce the ongoing harm to Hawaiiʻs people caused by outmoded marijuana laws. Over-criminalization and over-incarceration, combined with unequal enforcement, do more harm than good. Fresh Approach Hawaii is a sensible, reasonable and pragmatic voice in modernizing our laws, urging lawmakers to abandon outmoded criminal justice approaches to this public health issue.

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  1. Thanks for starting this outreach. As an activist who had an underground MMJ dispensary on Maui in the 90’s (finally did a year and left state),we appreciate your stand for truth.

    Free Roger Christie !!!

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